It’s close to perfect in playability, condition and vibe. We’re


A 1975 Gibson ES335TD changed pickups to Mojo Gold foils,


Mint condition, comes with original case and paperwork. If you’ve


White with gold hardware and gorgeous binding. We don’t usually


A 1962 USA Kay Swing Master. Comes with non-original hardcase.


A 1959 Hofner Club 60. If you want that Beatles


Beautiful banner, headstock Gibson J 35. Mint condition made in


A 2010 Gibson Les Paul standard. Comes with original case.


A 1961 Gibson Melody Maker. Comes with a non-original hardcase.


A 1994 Gibson, Centennial Gospel, acoustic guitar, fitted with a


A 1973 Martin D18. This is an acoustic player’s dream.


A 1974 Fender Stratocaster Refinished body and had a slab